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By TIN Media | Featured Story Published 3 years ago on 25 September 2020
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This year 2020 forced us all to cancel our plans at the last minute disturbing our day-to-day scheduled lifestyle. Covid-19 has forced people to sit back at home and rethink the ways of attending that most-awaited conference or visit the crucial trade show through different digital mediums. Now, it's fine and completely normal to think that nothing can replace in-person conferences, and we definitely agree to it.  But given the unforeseen circumstances, we have to take virtual events as a key to different networking experience that too in the comfort at our home while maintaining physical distancing.

Before getting started, let's know what basically virtual events stands for. The most basic definition of a virtual event is that it involves people interacting in a virtual environment, rather than a physical location. They are great because they are highly interactive and gives a similar look and feel to that of a physical event.

Let us put down this way, while both on-ground events and virtual events have their kind of pros and cons, but analysing the current scenario, we should take a step back from the physical events until the pandemic settles down and till then let's evaluate why Virtual Events are the better to go ahead with.

With Virtual Events, Networking can be better

 Virtual event’s networking can introduce you to more people. With the help of advanced technology, a lot can happen virtually that are way better than things done traditionally. For amazing networking, automated matchmaking at virtual events is a big plus.  We can differentiate the networking of virtual events to be better because it carries on one-on-one conversations without the distractions of people coming up to interrupt. Also, talking over a loud crowd is indeed troublesome in physical events. It’s also easier to take notes and follow up with the person you interacted with.

Extremely flexible and tailor-made to suit custom requirements

 Virtual events have the advantage of being extremely flexible and is completely tailor-made according to the clients to suit custom requirements. With physical barriers out of the way, now it is easier to carve out the exact experience thought of to provide to your attendees. Also, a major benefit of virtual conferences is that it’s easier to switch between sessions. Nevertheless, the Recorded sessions make it possible to attend two sessions held at the same time and you don’t miss out on any of it.


Physical events can burn holes in your pocket. It includes a lot of planning and maintenance to take care of. Through Virtual Events comes really handy, as much logistics aren’t involved in the process which makes it possible for you to afford a top-notch speaker for your event who can handle the entire event smoothly making the event more informative and fruitful.

Feasible for more people to attend 

Most virtual events are free or very low cost to attend. This means more people from various parts of the world can attend. Now, virtual events are likely to have a bigger audience reach than a physical one because Virtual Events are accessible from any smart device with internet bandwidth.


In physical events, most of the physical venues will have a definitive capacity for the audience. With Virtual Events, the number of participants depends on how many people you as a brand or an organization want to reach out to and the numbers are infinite.


Safety is foremost considering the present situation. Though professionally it’s important to engage massive audiences and generate leads and there shouldn’t be any compromise in it.  Virtual events don’t have to compromise either on the safety aspect as it provides extensive space to cater to a mass gathering and that too at the safety of your home.

Now that we have discussed the best possible way out during the ongoing situation. I’m sure you have chosen side and most likely to stick to it. For now, it’s safer to host a virtual event and keep the audience engaged.

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