GoLocal Tonight! Agoda’s new campaign for last-minute domestic travel adventures

By TIN Media | Technology Published 3 years ago on 26 February 2021
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According to global digital travel platform Agoda.com, demand for last-minute travel searches for the same and overnight stays on the day following rises in the number of resorts in the Asia Pacific compared to last year.

Travelers seeking a last-minute spontaneous trip will benefit from savings from GoLocal Tonight offers from Agoda when booking on the same day.

Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are the top three markets in the Asia Pacific that embrace Agoda's search data to look for check-ins the same day.

Travelers from Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, India, the Philippines, South Korea, and Singapore follow these markets.

“There’s a growing group of travelers choosing last-minute adventures – couch dwellers who might make spontaneous decisions to either watch a show or book a staycation for the thrill of it. GoLocal Tonight appeals to this new segment of canny, impulse travellers who are looking out for and are incentivized by low prices to take advantage of same day deals. It’s a win-win for both partners and travellers,” said Enric Casals, regional director of Agoda.

Thousands of hotel providers in the Asia Pacific have signed up to offer travellers up to 30% off last-minute reservations.

GoLocal Tonight offers amazing last-minute deals whether travellers are looking for a solo city break or traveling to the country or the beach with friends.


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