Malaysia Inbound Tourism Association introduces AI-powered digital media rooms for travel agents and travellers

By TIN Media | Tourism Malaysia Published 3 weeks ago on 2 July 2024
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Recently, Instant Exhibition Sdn Bhd and the Malaysia Inbound Tourism Association (MITA) signed a term agreement. The goal of this partnership is to provide secure digital media rooms powered by KROOM, meeting the demands of travellers and travel agencies by supplying pertinent real-time services.
"We are excited to introduce a revolutionary new era of post-cookies deprecation, allowing our travel agents and clients to create a secure and personalised real-time experience that is unmatched in the industry," stated Association President Mint Leong.
"We are thrilled to introduce our new digital media rooms and channels, intended to give our clients and travel agents a safe and secure atmosphere. 

We hope to defend against fraud, data breaches, deepfake AI, fraud, and fake news with these cutting-edge technologies.

Furthermore, we provide a special "Virtual Space" where travellers can enjoy virtual and real-world travel experiences.
In the meantime, MITA and Instant Exhibition Sdn Bhd, a VYPA service provider (VSP), have formed a partnership to improve the travel sector, according to CEO Datuk K Karthik.
"We are ecstatic to work with MITA to alter the digital transformation experience for travel agencies and their clients. The tourism industry can now prioritize security and privacy more than ever thanks to KROOM. 

"By ensuring a safer and more efficient experience for all users, this partnership aims to greatly improve the travel industry," he stated.

"We are thrilled to offer KROOM, powered by METAXCHANGE.AI Inc," said M Vijjayandran, chief operating officer of METAXCHANGE.AI Inc. Using state-of-the-art NETSTAIRS technology and VYPA Corporation's experience In addition to watching live streams, connecting with local families, participating in virtual travel experiences, and interacting within their own MITA rooms, travellers and agents can now take advantage of intriguing new incentives. 

"The Tourism Ministry, in particular, can benefit substantially from MITA's interactive content distribution network and private, secured rooms and channels in providing services to the general public and travel agencies.
"With the help of this platform, they may connect with one other in real-time and offer support—whether from a human or an AI—for making trip arrangements.
"Get ready for a ton of exciting offers and features that MITA will be launching shortly."


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