National Culture Policy 2021 set to drive nation’s arts and culture industry

By TIN Media | Nation News Published 6 days ago on 30 April 2021
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Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri said that National Culture Policy (Daken) 2021 was soon to be introduced in order to drive the nation's arts and cultural industry.

Daken 2021 she said would pursue efforts to realise the vision of turning Malaysia into a developed country with its rich cultural heritage and to preserve it.

She indicated that the policy was developed in the context of the aspiration and the core elements of the 1971 National Cultural Policy (DKK).

“The main objective of Daken 2021 is to create a high value cultural society through implementation of the national culture, tribal culture, heritage treasures and cultural excellence while strengthening unity, national identity and collective personality of the people,” she said in a statement.

Daken 2021 outlines seven key elements related to the future implementation of arts, culture and heritage strategies which include the promotion of culture, community harmony, cultural heritage preservation and preservation, cultural development and development, cultural empowerment, cultural economy generation and cultural excellence.

She stated that Malaysia had five conventional Intangible Heritage Sites, namely Mak Yong (2005), Dondang Sayang (2018), Silat (2019), Wangkang Ceremony (2020) and Pantun (2020) jointly nominated with Indonesia and has been recognised as Intangible Heritage (WTK).

“Malaysia should seize the opportunity to become a member of the IGC so that the nation’s identity and visibility will continue to be highlighted at the international level. The listing of Malaysia WTK will attract more tourists to Malaysia to see for themselves the cultural heritage recognised by Unesco and this will further boost the economy and create more jobs,” she said.


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