Only 10-days quarantine at stipulated quarantine facilities in Sarawak

By TIN Media | Sarawak Published 1 year ago on 17 December 2020
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Since Monday, people returning from overseas to the state must be subjected for only 10 days at the stated facilities to compulsory quarantine.

In a statement, the State Disaster Management Committee (SDM) of Sarawak reported that on the second and eighth days of its quarantine they would have to be screened COVID-19 and released on the ten day when the test result on the 8th day is negative.

"They will then have to continue with the quarantine at home until the 14th day of wearing the wristband,” it said.

According to the statement, non-Sarawak citizens and foreign nationals entering the state from outside the country must undergo the quarantine and screening tests for 10 days at the first entry point.

"The negative test result will only be valid for three days before entering Sarawak and they will be given home quarantine until the 14th day with the wristband worn," it said.

Malaysians and foreigners from Malaysia, Sabah and Labuan who wish to enter the area of Sarawak must also undergo 10 days of quarantine at a designated facility.

JPBN Sarawak has said that on the second and eighth day of quarantine, the COVID-19 screening test will take place. The release from the facility will take place on the 10th day if the outcome on the eighth day is negative, with people being able to continue the quarantine until the 14th day.

Those who are coming from Sabah and Labuan must be screened for Sarawak three days earlier.

According to the statement, entry without any valid reason is not yet permitted for non-Sarawakians from Sabah and Labuan.


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