Police have suggested restricting the entry of Teluk Cempedak visitors

By TIN Media | Pahang Published 3 years ago on 3 August 2020
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Police have suggested restricting the entry of Teluk Cempedak visitors,   especially on weekends, to ensure that the public complies based on physical distancing with the standard operating procedure ( SOP).

ACP Chief Mohamad Noor Yusof Ali of Kuantan District Police said that the move was deemed appropriate by a large number of visitors to the beach resort causing the area to be congested. 

“(Despite the congestion), visitors continued to push their way that the police had to force them to turn back and told them to come again on another day for safety reasons.

“Although the visitors did wear the face mask, the presence of too many people made it difficult for them to exercise physical distancing,” he told the media.

Mohamad Noor told the relevant authorities, including the Kuantan Municipal Council, that he would raise the matter.

Mohamad Noor said, in addition to Teluk Cempedak, that police continue their patrolling at other public areas, including the market, in Kuantan, to ensure compliance with the prescribed SOP.

“We will also focus on public transport, with surprise checks to be conducted at bus terminals, as well as at roadblocks.

"We hope public transport operators can cooperate with the police and comply with the SOP stipulated by the government," he added.


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