Reach Analytics SEA and TIN Media Team Up in a Strategic Partnership for Travel and Tourism Sector based on Big Data Analytics

By TIN Media | Technology Published 4 years ago on 8 January 2020
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The travel industry is a part of the bandwagon among the various other industries that use big data analytics in their regular operations but isn’t executed extensively. With the growing pace of traveling and tourism diligence, Big Data is now taking the travel industry in the right direction. With the orthodox method of business execution, numerous industry players aren’t updated with the advancement of digitalization and data analytics.

As travel industry heavily depends on the data it collects and has the potential to become more efficient with the advent of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence into it. TIN Media as a mainstream digital media has an objective to transform the travel industry and in accordance has partnered with “Reach Analytics SEA” for a better execution. The Malaysia based company connects the dots for the travel and tourism sector through Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Sabarinath Jothi, Senior Partner of Reach Analytics SEA said that the primary objective of this partnership is to majorly provide accurate data to the travel and tourism industry for the South East Asia Region. One of the major challenges faced by the industry is that the currently available data is disjointed and leads to inaccuracy.

Reach Analytics SEA is planning to bridge the existing gap prevalent in the industry. Speaking on the execution process, Sabarinath said “We have plans to start interacting with the different verticals of the Travel and Tourism industry with the help of TIN Media. We already have started interacting and identifying the loopholes and problems associated, eventually helping industry professionals to embrace digital technologies available in the market. Moving Forward, we intend to provide a proper channel for communication to all the relevant market leaders and players of the Malaysian Travel and Tourism Industry. Along with that, we would assist them with our BigData and Analytics tool with the real-time DATA acquired from our various channels”.

Sabarinath added, “BigData and Analytics are two important things that have created a huge difference in the world today and we as an organization would like to create a platform through which all the industries related to Travel and Tourism can benefit from”.

“To initiate the action plan, we are gradually in the process of talking to the Market Leaders and Tourism Malaysia on three major categories. Firstly, we’re tracking the tourists Realtime, in various locations throughout the country to provide accurate data and better security.  Secondly, bringing together all the segments related to the Travel and Tourism Industry with the support of TIN Media and at last, to market Tier 2 and Tier 3 tourist destinations of Malaysia for a global outreach”. He added, “We are very confident that we can achieve this with the help of TIN Media and Tourism Malaysia”. 

Sabarinath said “By combining big data with an integrated marketing management strategy, marketing organizations can make a substantial impact on many key areas. Big data helps in delivering facts and figures. This, when converted into stats, helps to find insights into not just who your customers are, but where they are, what they want, how they want to be contacted and when”.

He added “Big Data insights can also help service providers improve their network connectivity according to the market demand. Product offerings, sales campaigns, and product improvement are some domains where analytics can be used in tourism companies”.

With all the trump card and growing demand of Big Data in the market, the pursuits and developments are reflective of the growing analytical trends of the travel and tourism industry. The travel industry thus, should adopt, improvise and use analytical tools to make more informed decisions and grow the business consecutively.





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