Remnants of ulama are the latest Terengganu tourism products

By TIN Media | Terengganu Published 3 years ago on 21 October 2020
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By monitoring historical relics of Islamic scholars, including those around the Islamic Civilisation Park (TTI) and the Terengganu river, the Terengganu State government will further improve the state's Islamic tourism industry.

State Tourism, Culture and Information Technology Committee chairman Ariffin Deraman, said that the House and surah left by ulama and warrior who opposed the British colonialists at Kampung Beladau Kolam in the 1920s was one of those that should be highlighted.

“We need to do some researches and will discuss with the Terengganu State Museum about the house and surau left by Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong. We will turn this area into a tourism product and at the same time preserve the great name of Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong. ”

He said that the people in the village of Abdul Rahman Limbong have already done religious events such as a special ratio programme every week where tourists cruising the Terengganu River can be enlightened.


He also said that the tomb of a well-known scholar from Terengganu, Sheik Abdul Malek or better known as Tokku Pulau Manis in Pulau Manis, is one that could be promoted as one of Muslim Tourism products.

He said tourists could also enjoy various community-based tourism products along the Terengganu River and Nerus River such as Pengkalan Banggol Cempedak and Kalang Warisan.

Meanwhile, Ariffin said a committee would be set up to co-ordinate tourism activities and packages available along the rivers.

"This committee will also co-ordinate tourism boat services provided by various parties here including TTI and 'Payang Water Taxi'," he said.

Ariffin further mentioned that the flow of visitors into the state decreased by 20% as a result of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had affected the country since late last month. 

In view of the monsoon season expected to take place soon, he said the number of tourists was also decreased due to some local operators in the resort island ending operations.

“Data from MAH (Malaysian Hotel Association) records that Terengganu was in third place in hotel and homestay rates after Pahang and Perak in August. In June we were in third place, in July we were in second place. This shows that our record is still among the highest and Terengganu is still the destination of choice for tourists at this time, "he said.



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