Singapore hopes to lure Malaysian tourists with new nature-inspired experiences

By TIN Media | Singapore News Published 1 month ago on 11 June 2024
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It is difficult for Singapore to identify distinctive features to draw in tourists from Malaysia because of the country's many similarities with Singapore. Terrence Voon, executive director of the Singapore Tourism Board for South-East Asia, is meeting the challenge head-on, though.
Voon recently stated at a Kuala Lumpur event that he hopes to see more Malaysian visitors to Singapore this year.
He revealed that since Singapore reopened its borders in 2022, the tourism industry's resurgence has shown promise. Voon expressed his satisfaction at the number of tourists steadily rising back to the pre-pandemic figure of 19 million, stating, "Last year, we received 13.6 million." 

"We anticipate between 15 and 16.5 million tourists in 2024," he continued. Thus, Singapore is introducing new or soon-to-be attractions and experiences. Particularly for families, Mandai Wildlife Reserve and its upcoming extensions might be the most alluring of all.
It is already home to four animal parks: River Wonders, Bird Paradise, Night Safari, and Singapore Zoo. Soon, Rainforest Wild, a fifth park that will allow guests to explore African and Southeast Asian rainforests, will open.
Rainforest Wild Asia and Rainforest Wild Africa make up the two halves of the new experience. The former is a 12.6-hectare zoological park that finishes in a 220-meter cavern that was inspired by Sarawak's Mulu Caves. It is the first in Asia to incorporate adventure features.
In contrast, the latter offers immersive airborne activities in a setting with Madagascarian and Afro-Tropical influences.


A 3.3km boardwalk that skirts the edges of River Wonders and Singapore Zoo is a terrific way to enjoy the scenery. It will open later this year and allow guests to appreciate nature outside of the ticketed parks.

If you're eager to venture beyond the verdant surroundings, consider the space-themed attractions. The interior attractions of Curiosity Cove, Green Canvas, Mandai Gallery, Exploria, and ZooSchool are housed in two separate buildings.

While Green Canvas is a 2,800-square-meter event space where travelling exhibitions, thought-provoking talks, and nature-themed lifestyle events will be presented, Exploria leverages technology to create immersive edutainment and take visitors on digital journeys across five realms.

The adjacent building houses the free-of-charge permanent exhibition space, Mandai Gallery. Additionally, there is Curiosity Cove, an indoor playscape that introduces young children to nature and wildlife via tactile play.
Finally, to inspire young minds to value and preserve the natural environment, ZooSchool will be launching nature-based outdoor adventure programs.
Voon mentioned that a single day is insufficient to thoroughly experience all that the Mandai Wildlife Reserve has to offer. "Over the weekend, visitors would need several days to complete this task," he stated.
It will be convenient when the Mandai Wildlife Resort opens in early 2025 because guests won't need to search for lodging nearby—they can stay right in the reserve!

The Banyan Group opened its first resort in Singapore, a four-story structure with 338 rooms situated among local tree species. Guests can choose among 24 seed pod-shaped treehouses, some with views of the reservoir, to be completely at one with nature.


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