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By TIN Media | Transportation Published 1 year ago on 31 October 2022
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The Nigeria Transportation Commissioners' Forum has emphasized once more how crucial technology is to develop the nation's transportation sector.

This was said at the ongoing National Conference of Directors/Chief Road Traffic Officers of the Federation, held in Kogi, by the forum's Executive Secretary, Mrs. Chinwe Uwaegbute.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Uwaegbute claimed that the major advancements in transportation technology throughout time had utterly upended the status quo and had a long-lasting effect on the sector.

She claims that traffic control is getting safer. Although gathering traffic data had never been simple, she continued, the Advanced Driver Assistance System will contribute to a secure and stress-free driving environment.

"Technological advancements have made it simple to analyze traffic in real-time, giving data that is 100% accurate under all traffic conditions.

"This promotes internally generated revenue for planning and growth while also saving time and money.

"License plate recognition has become a simple duty for traffic police thanks to the arrival of technology. It is a real-time system that uses live video feed to record and analyze data to follow and identify moving objects.

According to her, "the system's automated information resource provides a crucial component in the decision-making process for numerous applications in access control, parking and visitor management, traffic surveys, and tolling systems."

Uwaegbute emphasized that over time, numerous technologies have been used by continents and nations around the world, including Africa, to apply laws, rules, and regulations controlling their separate motor vehicle administrations and enforcement.

They have created a trustworthy database as a result, she continued, and this will help with global resource planning, management, and allocation decisions.

Uwaegbute recalled how the Lagos government had challenged its departments, agencies, and ministries to create a precise operational model that was technology-driven in 2018.


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