Tawau Christmas concert theme is 'Love Unites Us'

By TIN Media | Sabah Published 2 years ago on 23 December 2019
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“Love Unites Us” is the theme for Christmas Concert 2019 at the Tawau Municipal Hall on Saturday night.

Member of Parliament for Tawau, Datuk Christina Liew said she found the theme appealing.  The text of her speech was read by Tawau Municipal Councillor Robert Penggai who is also the Tawau Parliamentary Liaison Officer.

She said “I am certain that love for humanity is a unifying factor as it can bring about unity of all races, regardless of cultural background and creed. And when unity exists, there is oneness of spirit without any discord.

“So, in this Christmas season, let us spread the ‘Love Unites Us’ message to strengthen peace and unity,” she said in her speech at the Christmas Concert 2019.

Liew, who is also Deputy Chief Minister cum Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, said Malaysia, Sabah in particular, is unique from the perspective of racial, cultural and religious diversity, and ability of the various communities to live in peace and harmony.

She added “I believe this phenomenon prevails because we embrace love for our fellowmen and women,”.

The concert marked by choral presentations, songs and dance performances was organised by the Tawau Parliamentary People’s Service Centre and hosted by Liew.

Among the guests were Member of Parliament for Kalabakan, Ma’mun Sulaiman, Tanjong Batu Assemblywoman Datuk Hamisa Samat, Consul Bapak Iskandar Abdullah of the Consular Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Tawau and Tawau Municipal Council (MPT) Assessment Officer Jonah Pitah who represented the Council President.




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